a kate west recommendation

"Glee" is the highly-touted mega-hit television show revolutionizing appreciation for the arts. In its second season, "Glee" depicts high school misery and joy, all centered in the glee club. It succeeds not only because of the sparklingly fresh renditions of well-known songs, but the sincerity of the characters, not to mention talented actors. Most of them are Broadway-trained, so they can all sing. Really, really well.

With that in mind naysayers, it is important to suspend a little disbelief. While this isn't "High School Musical" exactly, it is done in a musical format, so there may be a lot of fantasy and spontaneous singing that you maybe won't find at your local high. Just go with it. The music is fantastic and the story lines, while surrounded by outrageousness, involve real problems of youth - fitting in, peer pressure, angst about the future. Who can't relate? If nothing else, enjoy Coach Sue's (Jane Lynch) delicious villainy. Let these kids have a little spotlight - they deserve it.

Hear the music now:

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