The Passion of Joan of Arc

The Passion of Joan of Arc
(La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc)
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"The Passion of Joan of Arc" is a beautiful version of the story of Joan of Arc, the French martyr captured by the English and later made a saint. The key word in the title definitely being passion. Maria Falconetti is a soulful and intense Joan. Although the film is silent (just try it, you'll like it), she conveys a wealth of emotion in Director Carl Dreyer's close ups.

Truly a cinematic and prolific genius, Dreyer knows quite well how to show stark feelings and human agony in a profound way. Originally filmed in 1928 ,what makes this edition all the more special is that in 1994, Richard Einhorn composed a soundtrack for the film ("Voices of Light"), a choral masterpiece blending classical and modern elements, turning the work into a true epic.

This is one of the most amazing films in cinematic history, not only for its artistry, but as a truly moving depiction of the life of an historical icon. It is a must see for film students and general public alike.

Carl Theodor Dreyer
Joseph Delteil
Carl Theodor Dreyer

1994 Composer:
Richard Einhorn (Voices of Light)
Release Date:
21 April 1928 (Denmark)

Jeanne D'Arc (1412-1431)

Maria Falconetti ... Jeanne d'Arc (Renè Jean Falconetti)
Évêque Pierre Cauchon ... Bishop Pierre Cauchon (as Eugène Silvain)
Antonin Artaud ... Jean Massieu
Andrè Berley ... Jean d'Estivet

The 1985 Criterion Edition:
The Passion of Joan of Arc - Criterion Collection

Voices of Light:
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