The Partidge Family

The Partridge Family
a kate west favorite

The Partridge Family is such a childhood classic for those of us who frolicked youthfully in the seventies. And still kind of hip. A single mom who led her five children to become pop musicians. They really had one over on the Brady Bunch in the cool factor. David Cassidy had no idea his real life Step Mother Shirley Jones would be playing his TV Mom until he was committed to the project. And they all had such great rapport with each other on screen. Now that's quality family time.

Shirley Partridge (Shirley Jones) has to find a way to support her kids and since they're all musically endowed, they pick up a manager, Ruben Kincaid (Dave Madden), paint a school bus psychedelic colors and hit the road, whenever they don't have to go to school, that is. They get fans and a following and every week something funny happens, usually followed by a lesson for everyone involved. Danny Partridge (Los Angeles DJ Danny Banaduce) is the smart aleck red-headed financially savvy one on guitar, Keith (David Cassidy) is the heartbreaker lead singer and his sister Laurie (Susan Dey) is the feminist sweet one on keyboard. We don't hear much from Tracy (Suzanne Crough) or Chris (alternatively played by Jeremy Gelbwaks and Brian Forster), the youngest, quietest pair of family singers, on tambourine and drums respectively. Mom does piano. And it all seems to work. Plus we get topical lessons, still applicable today like equality for women and conserving energy (should we be worried that all those issues are still unresolved in over three decades?)

We loved this show. And looking back on it, it still strikes a chord, so to speak, especially when listening to Keith's still sexy "I Think I Love You".

Created by
Bernard Slade


Shirley Jones
David Cassidy
Danny Bonaduce
Susan Dey
Suzanne Crough
Jeremy Gelbwaks (1970-1971)
Brian Forster (1971-1974)
Dave Madden

The Series:
The Partridge Family - The Complete First Season

The Songs:
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