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a kate west plea

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Straight from the filmmakers:

I wrote this film, and my wife and I will be playing the two leads. The script was written specifically for people that we know. It's personal. We're shooting in our house and our friends houses. We've simplified the film making process to utilize what is available to us and what inspires us every day. I've been doing comedy in Los Angeles for eight years and have writing and performing on the biggest comedy stages in the city (The Groundlings, Upright Citizen's Brigade). While keeping with my comedic roots I really want to create something more, something deeper, something substantial. I have some insanely talented people involved with the project, and I'm certain that we are going create a truly funny film. We plan to shoot this project on the weekends. This is so cast and crew can still have their weekdays, if they need to go to work or auditions. We have friends working on every aspect of this film. Our editor is going to be editing while we shoot, our producer is working in her free time, and our actors are working for practically pennies. My wife is going to me making lunch and there is a good chance if I am not in a scene, I am going to be holding the boom. This project is all about friends - giving of themselves to create something special. It's our passion project.

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