The Year of Yes
by Maria Dahvana Headley

a kate west favorite

Maria Dahvana Headley wrote "The Year of Yes" after literally living entirely for the moment for exactly one year. Because she no longer trusted her judgement in dating and her taste in men, she decided on a experiment. She would say yes to every single person who asked her out. This resulted in some bizarre entanglements, but she was willing to be open to the universe which also makes for a highly entertaining book. It's not something everyone can do, of course, but it's fun to read about someone else going through such trials and tribulations. The end result is that she finds her true love, someone she would not have considered normally and someone she now had access to due to her year of affirmation. Good to know.

It would be nice to be able to just wait and see what the universe has in store, but not all of us gets asked out as much. Headley's approach is seemingly proactive in more of a passive way, which is fine for her. That being said, you will love this book if you are at all in the mood for cheering on risk-takers, something we should all probably exercise. Since it's a memoir, her amusing anecdotes are all about her own experiences from her own perspective, which is as it should be. Be happy that it worked out for her.

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