Life Inside Out

Update: Recently re-watched Life Inside Out and am once again struck by its sincerity and how the on-screen mom is so like the off-screen mom (Billie & Finneas' mom!) in nurturing her children's creativity and supporting their individuality. Truly remarkable parenting all around. Kudos to everyone involved. What am amazing and lovely family.

The independent film Life Inside Out is a wonderfully subtle portrait of motherhood. It is a lovely and simple love letter from mother to son, depicting the purest kind of gentle love. A hit at many film festivals, you can now find this movie (and cool soundtrack) online.

Maggie Baird stars as Laura, who longs to go back to her musical roots and maybe find more meaning than her full time mom duties. We can all use a little extra creativity in our lives, after all. During her introspective journey to get there, she draws out her reclusive son Shane (Baird's real life son Finneas O'Connell - yes, of Glee fame). Her eventual sacrifice for her son proves that a mother's love is the truest bond, especially if she is true to herself first. It is so nice to see a female lead showing compassion and generosity for others, without losing her identity. In finding her own heart, Laura is able to share it with her friends and family all the more readily.

This is a sweetly delicate story, with relatively little of the modern indie angst so prevalent in many tediously drawn-out "hip" films (looking at you Cake). Also fun is watching a genuinely talented musical family work together to create a heartfelt movie that resonates with anyone who has ever wanted to perform. Or help someone else discover their true talent and calling. Must have been awfully nice to grow up around that well-loved living room piano.

The movie has a wide appeal and the entire cast is interesting and watchable. The atmosphere is cozy and the music is soothing, yet vibrant (check out The Slightlys - you may even recognize the lead actor). Director Jill D'Agnenica did a great job. It is definitely worth giving it a go.

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