Magnum Impact

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A group of bank robbers hides out in a mountain cabin after a successful heist but find themselves under heavy fire from an unseen force of attackers in the surrounding forest. The main thrust of the movie (starring Austrian TV actor Armin Felsberger) shows the siege of their stronghold in a series of intense shootouts. The violence is strong, but never too gory. The acting is uneven at times, but the force of the images and the great editing draw you into the situation almost from the first moment. Includes some of the best shootouts ever filmed. Not surprisingly, Director Herbert Primig lists directors like Richard Donner, Sam Peckinpah, and Walter Hill as "people who have influenced me when I was a teenager and never forgot". He is currently at work on a new project titled SUMMER CITY.

Film Credits

Herman Jamek
Herbert Primig

Herbert Primig

Peter Kleewein

Guenther Primig
Herbert Primig

Armin Felsberger
Birgit Wanek
Klaus Herbst
Dieter Bergner
Guenther Primig
Natalie Skelton (Newscaster)

Previous Primig films: LA CACCIA (THE CHASE), SOLDIERS

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