a kate west reflection

I was never good at science. I dreaded math class. I ended up a Theater Major (with an English Minor), for God's Sake. So ask me about Shakespeare. And yet I loved scientists. I read as much science fiction as possible and avidly watched every "Star Trek" (you know that many Star Trek fans probably grew up to be astronauts, possibly even cooler than being firemen). So I was excited when I had a chance to visit NASA in Texas ("Houston, we have a problem").

My brother and I took the tour with the tram and drove by several nondescript gray buildings but never got to go inside. Our tour guide would say "and this is where all the moon rocks are processed and other fascinating artifacts from space, but we won't be going in there". This happened a couple of times and all we got to see was a couple of old rockets out front. But then, FINALLY we got a quick trip through Mission Control. The old one. The new one is in Florida, I learned. That part was cool, as was a very short glimpse into some of the astronaut's training facilities. And plenty of time for the gift shop, of course. Houston weather is pretty humid in the summer, so it definitely felt like a vacation and trip to another world.

I wish I had more aptitude for that kind of field, but I just don't. I can only admire them from afar. I feel the same way about the United Nations (another fascinating tour), but I have a better shot with them if I join the Peace Corps and exploit my language skills. I hope.


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