TIVO (and Netflix)

a kate west reflection

TIVO is a wonderful technological gift. A gift and a curse. On the one hand, it gets rid of all those pesky commercials you'll never have to watch again, but on the other, it's extremely addictive. I thought I would end up spending less time in front of the t.v. but now I actually end up spending more, because you can watch a recorded program while you're taping another and then watch that one after. It never ends. And since my genes are prone to addiction, this is exactly the kind of modern escapism I would indeed succumb to.

For those cave dwellers amongst you, TIVO is a DVR system you hook up to your cable box allowing you to record programs which you can fast forward through later. It's a fun toy for sure. But are we now becoming even more disconnected, especially car dwelling Angelenos? Especially for certain people (who, me?) who subscribe to cable, TIVO and Netflix (a brilliant mail-in DVD rental program). Who ever needs to leave the house then?

Remember reading? Sigh. And we wonder why I'm still single ....

Change your life too!

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