a kate west rant

I signed up for Netflix years and years ago, right when it was first popular. By word of mouth too. Back when we listened to our friends in person, instead of on IM. Netflix emphasized community and shared movie preferences, and really, I would rather see what my friends thought about a movie than some idiot stranger. A few months ago, Netflix decided to do away with my favorite Friends feature, where I could do my favorite thing and send friends notes, reviews, opinions and check out what they had in their queue. That's all gone now as, supposedly, they are too busy and important to bother with social networking (though they are trying to get connected to Facebook). I really have to decide whether to stick with them or not, since I liked them initially because they were such a convenient and cozy alternative to the monster corporate bad-ass Blockbuster. Now, what's the difference? Both are mindlessly censoring our content and it is no longer homey. Back to the old fashioned neighborhood video stores, I guess. Remember those? Boo Netflix!

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