Sam Page Fitness

a kate west recommendation

I've said it here before and I will probably say it many times more. Sam Page is the best trainer you can hope to find in the greater Los Angeles area. His gentle coaxing will inspire you beyond what you thought your limits were, but he can be tough when he needs to be and he can tell when you need it too, probably more than you can. Right out of the gate, you get a thorough physical assessment of what you are capable of and what your goals are. If you ever wanted discretion in sharing your BMI, he's your guy. Rates vary, depending on how many sessions you book (the more you do, the cheaper it ends up, especially if you buddy up). You can add a meal plan to that and Sam might even go grocery shopping with you. You can absolutely trust in his years of experience as a personal trainer and entrepreneur and revel in that sunny demeanor. Motivational sayings and music propel you toward your best self, along with the latest technology (no one is hipper than S.P.) as you marvel at how far you've come. Of course Sam would say he believed in you the whole time. Heard enough?

Yeah, he's easy on the eyes too.

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