The Dog Whisperer Prevails

In the world of dog there are many voices. The one bark getting most of the attention though, is Cesar Millan. The renowned Dog Whisperer has trained people and rehabilitated dogs for years. Recently he confessed to the world that he had do some whispering on himself a couple of years ago when some pretty harsh life things almost took him from us (you can look that up yourself - this is not a forum for gossip). In spite of all that, he's back stronger than ever, and remains committed about dogs and teaching and preaching the value of "calm assertive energy". By the way, you can apply that energy to any aspect of your life (try it, it works). He has detractors of course (many people in the spotlight do) although a lot of them haven't watched an entire episode of his popular how-to show "The Dog Whisperer". Some of them have and are experts themselves and Cesar is OK with that. He is always willing to listen and learn new techniques and when he doesn't know something backwards and forwards he'll bring in experts himself (like a Horse Whisperer or Wolf expert). We can learn a lot from this man. Not only in helping our dogs be the best they can be, but in being open to the universe, learning its different languages and in finding peace. Calm does not mean weak. And no one knows that better than Cesar.

So all the best to you I believe in you and what you do. And so do my dogs. Si se puede!

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