Spirited Away

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Hayao Miyazaki is a brilliant Japanese filmmaker. Unknown in the States until the release of "Princess Mononoke", his other greats such as "Kiki's Delivery Service" and "Howl's Moving Castle" gained acclaim as well. Combining hand-drawn artistry with computer animation, his films have garnered several prestigious awards, including the 2002 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature for "Spirited Away". This film in particular is most known in America.

It revolves around a little girl who must travel to the spirit world to rescue her family. The breathtaking finesse of imagery that serves as the background to this amazingly imaginative story will never leave you. The films are not simple, but rather illustrated with mysticism, symbolism and heavy magic. There are often social messages as well, such as a profound nod to environmentalism. One cannot fully explain how special these movies are in words alone as it is a truly visual art.

Thank God for DVDs, although you really need to try and catch one of these masterpieces in a real movie palace.

Directed by:
Hayao Miyazaki
Kirk Wise (co-director) (English version)

Writing Credits:
Hayao Miyazaki (story)
Hayao Miyazaki (screenplay)
Cindy Davis Hewitt (adaptation: English version) and
Donald H. Hewitt (adaptation: English version) and
Linda Hoaglund (adaptation: English version) and
Jim Hubbert (adaptation: English version)

Rumi Hîragi ... Chihiro / Sen (voice: Japanese version)
Miyu Irino ... Haku (voice: Japanese version)
Mari Natsuki ... Yubaba / Zeniba (voice: Japanese version)
Takashi Naitô ... Chihiro's Father (voice: Japanese version)
Yasuko Sawaguchi ... Chihiro's Mother (voice: Japanese version)
Tatsuya Gashuin ... Aogaeru, Assistant Manager (voice: Japanese version)
Ryunosuke Kamiki ... Bôh (voice: Japanese version)
Yumi Tamai ... Lin (voice: Japanese version)
Yo Oizumi ... Bandai-gaeru (voice: Japanese version)
Koba Hayashi ... Kawa no Kami (voice: Japanese version)
Tsunehiko Kamijô ... Chichiyaku (voice: Japanese version)
Takehiko Ono ... Aniyaku (voice: Japanese version)
Bunta Sugawara ... Kamajii (voice: Japanese version)

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Spirited Away

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