The 9 O’clock 10:17 Comedy Night
a kate west review
Saturdays at the Gershwin Hotel, 7 E. 27th Street, between 5th and Madison, New York NY, $5 only.
Info: (212) 932-3767 or http://www.1017comedy.com

Husband and wife team Michael Birch and Bricken Sparacino have served up yet another entertaining show with their long running 10:17 Comedy Troupe playing at the Gershwin Hotel on Saturday nights. The five dollar admission charge is the cheapest rate for the most laughs in town. Every week is a different show so it is well worth seeing multiple times.

Last week, September 27, the talented line up included stand-ups Erin Foley, Andres du Bouchet, Dan Allen and Jessica Delfino. Du Bouchet spars playfully with the audience and Delfino is a special delight accompanying her quirky outlook on life with some fun guitar strumming. And as if all that weren’t enough joy, the troupe itself (this time consisting of Glenn Stoops, Eric Chercover, Michael Birch and Bricken Sparacino) pepper the evening with comedy sketch, song and miscellaneous ad-libbing.

Birch and Sparacino are excellent hosts, making the audience feel completely comfortable as if we were right in their cozy living room. Two highlights include Sparacino’s monologue as an outraged Barbie, reprimanding Saudi Arabia for banning her likeness and Birch serving up some funny “improvised” singing with musical partner Eric Chercover as the Mike Birch Caucasian Experience. The entire evening is a delight and the gracious hosts welcome you to smooze with the cast afterwards, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere so when they pick on you it’s good natured fun as if being teased by your family.

Definitely a good bargain for your buck, especially in New York. Go see it soon!

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