Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt
a kate west reflection

I'm not really that big of fan of this new Pinkberry craze. Not to the point of thinking about it fervently in between visits anyway. I guess I have too much of a sweet tooth and Pinkberry yogurt is more tart. Or maybe because it's literally frozen yogurt, as in the kind you eat on a lunch break. Not my idea of dessert.

And I really don't understand all the long ass lines blocks and blocks long and the whole insane demand. For yogurt, really? I prefer coffee and chocolate - deeper flavors. I like that you can get toppings, like Cap'n Crunch on top, but not enough to fight traffic, find parking and wait forever. It started in West Hollywood, the worst place to find parking and now they're all over. I even introduced my brother to one when I visited him in New York for Christmas. I'm happy with the normal ice cream stores. Don't people still go to Baskin Robbins or Coldstone Creamery? BR is so my childhood - I will always be loyal to them. Hot fudge sundae? Yes, please! Or what about the little family-owned gelato shops? Mmmmmm. Love those. Sorry, Pinkberry. Not into it.

But I think I 'm the only one. And it's so lonely....

Latest update: I just found out that Pinkberry doesn't do real yogurt anymore - now it's all from a powder. So you see there's really no reason to go there! Harrumph.

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