Les Luthiers

Les Luthiers
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Les Luthiers Volumen 3" (1973)

The Argentinean comedic group Les Luthiers was formed in the 1960's and is composed of several articulately funny gentleman who are versed in literature and music alike. Following up a clever monologue with a musical number, they've been internationally famous for years and have several popular YouTube videos to show for it.

Known for using hand made instruments (made from everyday objects), their name comes from the French word "luthiers". Appropriately, Les Luthiers integrates cantatas, serenatas, madrigals, pop and opera into their act. Intellectually provocative, there is something for everyone, from rap to word play. Often ending in playful silliness, they evoke Python (Monty) like absurdity so it is no wonder they have worldly appeal.


  • Gerardo Masana, founder (died 1973): Guitar, bass-pipe, vocals, percussion, etc.
  • Ernesto Acher (left the group 1986): Piano, horn, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, drums, keyboards, cello, vocals, etc.
Roberto Fontanarrosa, a renowned Argentine cartoonist and writer (from 1980 until his death in 2007).


"Sonamos pese a Todo" (1971)
Sonamos pese a Todo" (1971)


Les Luthiers - Educación Sexual Moderna

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