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"Quarterlife" is the latest offering by Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick (of the poignantly talky shows "thirtysomething", "Once and Again" and "My So-Called Life"). But rather than premiere it on television, they're taking the modern route by posting it on the Internet and more specifically, everyone's main source of networking, MySpace.com. A natural incarnation of the blog frenzy among our youth, "Quarterlife" depicts the angst we all experienced fresh out of college, when we were liberally over-educated but working in a coffee shop. It should speak volumes to anyone of a certain generation.

As in their other projects, Herskovitz/Zwick gives us lots of dialogue, little action and mucho reflection. It can be a little boring (and certainly whiny) in parts, although you may also find it hits all too close to home. To paraphrase cast member Laura Carson, "Quarterlife is the twenty-something's identity crisis. In other words, Life."

Series Directed by:
Marshall Herskovitz (2 episodes, 2007)

Series Writing Credits:
Devon Gummersall (2 episodes, 2007)
Marshall Herskovitz (2 episodes, 2007)
Edward Zwick (unknown episodes)

Series Cast:
Bitsie Tulloch ... Dylan / ... (5 episodes, 2007)
Mike Faiola ... Eric (4 episodes, 2007)
Scott M. Foster (1 episode, 2007)
David Walton ... Danny (unknown episodes)
Michelle Lombardo ... Debra (unknown episodes)
Maite Schwartz ... Lisa (unknown episodes)
Barret Swatek ... Brittany (unknown episodes)
Kevin Christy ... Andy (unknown episodes)
Barbara Williams ... Maggie (unknown episodes)
Jill E. Alexander ... Mary (unknown episodes, 2007)
Adam Bobrow ... Young Man (unknown episodes, 2007)
Lolita Davidovich ... Mindy Krieger (unknown episodes, 2007)
Emily Happe ... Intern (unknown episodes, 2007)
George Ketsios ... Richard (unknown episodes, 2007)
James Kiriyama-Lem ... Husband (unknown episodes, 2007)
Rodrigo Lopresti ... Claude Sabbatier (unknown episodes, 2007)
Bree Turner ... Carly (unknown episodes, 2007)
Laura Carson ... Editor (unknown episodes)
Will Tiao ... Editor (unknown episodes)


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