Dead Moms Don't Hug

Dead Moms Don't Hug
a kate west review
written & performed
by Ariane Price
directed by Tom Lenk
at the Groundlings Theatre
7307 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles 90046
May 20 & 27; 8pm
(323) 934-4747 x 49 or
tix free - explicit language and graphic content

Ariane Price (Groundlings company member) reveals her motherless childhood to audiences Tuesdays in May, right in her home base of the Groundlings Theatre.

Deprived of a mother at an early age, Price recounts this traumatic event (and many others!) with sophisticated humor, videos and even puppets. She adeptly turns pain into funny with side notes to the audience and an engaging self-deprecating manner and we root for her the whole way.

Director Tom Lenk (of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fame) injects a great deal of creativity into the work as well, giving us an entertaining staging, including voice overs and the occasional dance break that keep us riveted until the sweetly warm payoff at the end. Both Price and Lenk work together very well and this synergy comes through seamlessly. It is an enjoyable telling of a complicated tale and when all is said and done, we know Ariane a little bit better and it is delightfully pleasing to be let in on her world for a while.

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