Scarecrow Video - a Seattle Experience

a kate west recommendation

Having recently visited Seattle for the first time, I was struck by how right so many of my friends were. This was a perfect city for me - laid-back, liberal, intellectual, but not snobbish, and environmentally savvy. Everyone was friendly, with no agenda. Coming from Los Angeles, you can imagine my relief not to hear an itemized list of someone's resume every time I merely said hello. The air was clear, the weather gorgeous (though I was warned time and time again how utterly atypical this was and not to get used to that bright sun) and little wisps of cotton blew across every road, like leftover pixie dust. Truly magical. Too good to be true, right?

I did all the must-sees like Pike Place and the Space Needle. Even visited the architecturally innovative newish Library. Saw surrounding little versions of Pleasantville like Kirkland, Bellevue and Ballard. All worthy tourist photo opps, to be sure. But my favorite spot in Seattle has to be Scarecrow Video.

The staff here lives, breathes and eats cinema, pretty much. The store has the most extensive film collection I've ever seen and puts Hollywood Boulevard to shame. Every recommendation is dead-on and they expect you to know your film history as well, since most movies are categorized by director. Who needs Netflix when you can walk in to the very real and present warm atmosphere of your fellow cinephiles? It'll take you years to learn everything about the place, so start by chatting up the staff - most of whom are here for the long haul. Then come back to La-la Land and tell 'em what they're missing.

If you're going, here are the jots of noteworthy interest:

We’re located in the University District of Seattle at 5030 Roosevelt Way NE (206.524.8554).

A quick exit off of I-5 and an easy walk from the University of Washington.

For directions to the store or how long it will take you to walk here from Boston, click here.

For some of our legendary history click here. Questions? They might be answered here.

Oh and don't forget to visit the original Rudy's at


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