Absolutely Fabulous
a kate west favorite

Jennifer Saunders, (of "French and Saunders" with Dawn French), and Joanna Lumley are Edina and Patsy, the ever-wasted exotically stylish duo of the British sit-com "Absolutely Fabulous". Hilariously wicked, these two saunter through life, wreaking havoc among friends and neighbors, especially with Eddie's perpetually mortified daughter Saffron (Julia Sawalha). Swigging vodka and chain smoking their little hearts out, no topic is too PC.

We love them for their extremely outrageous behavior and Director Bob Spiers gives them ample creativity. Saunders' cohort in comedic crime, Dawn French, also has a creative hand in the writing, all of which is fantastically brilliant, as the Brits like to say. Jane Horrocks as the bewildered and baffled personal assistant Bubbles is as zany and talented as all the rest.

The precursor to New York's "Sex and the City", this is the show where the ladies really let it all hang out. So don't be afraid, tune in, and learn how to be absolutely fabulous.

Created by
Jennifer Saunders


Jennifer Saunders
Joanna Lumley
Julia Sawalha
June Whitfield
Jane Horrocks

Opening theme
"This Wheel's on Fire" by Bob Dylan and Rick Danko

Catching Up:
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