Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer - ABC

This show is a harmless indulgence. Melinda Gordon sees dead people. Throughout three seasons, her lifelong mission is to help the newly dead find the light.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is adorable and sympathetic as Melinda, except for being married to such a hot husband (rrrrr), Jim Clancy (David Conrad). Her supportive husband knows all about her special gift and is totally fine with it as her real job. Except lately his character appears less and less (actors tiff?). Her day job is working in her own antique store (Same As It Never Was) with friend Delia Banks (Camryn Manheim). She had the challenging job of passing over her previous co-worker and friend Andrea Moreno (Aisha Tyler) the year before. Sometimes it sucks to be her.

It's a cute show and fun to indulge in ghost speculation. Jay Mohr is the helpful young professor sweet on Melinda, and her husband isn't even jealous (however it would be nice if instead of saying things like "between you and I", he would more properly say "between you and me". Thank you Professor of Academia.). Sure it's fluffy and corny (and OK, pretty saccharin), but could this show be cuter? The title says it all.

Ghost Whisperer Cast and Crew:
Jennifer Love Hewitt - (Melinda Gordon)
David Conrad - (Jim Clancy)
Aisha Tyler - (Andrea Moreno)
Jay Mohr - (Professor Rick Payne)
Camryn Manheim - (Delia Banks)

Production Credits:
Mark Snow (Composer (Music Score)
John Gray (Director)
John Gray (Executive Producer)
Jennifer Love Hewitt (Producer)
John Gray (Screenwriter)

First Season:
Ghost Whisperer - The Complete First Season

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