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St. Robert's Jubilee
a kate west reflection

In this day and age, Catholicism seems so archaic and medieval; however, it often provides comforting ritual ceremony. Certain traditions like incense, the repetitive prayers that we all know and all that genuflecting are so richly engrained in many of us. It is truly an audience participatory rite. You can reach a divine meditational state just as easily recting the rosary as you can chanting in a yoga pose. Plus the music is great. And often more passionate than less traditional pop Christian faiths. Speaking of which, prominent local Burbank church, St. Robert Bellarmine, celebrated its one-hundredth year this September, with a recorded cd to prove it.

Combining several choirs (Children’s, Filipino, Contemporary and Adult Choirs), St. Robert's Music Ministry recently recorded their greatest hits, including well-known spirituals like "Wade in the Water" and "Precious Lord, Take My Hand". There is also a lovely Latin chant version of the "Ave Maria" and some pieces the choirs play during Good Friday, when they musically reenact the Passion of the Christ. There are a few nods to their annual Christmas Concert as well ("Sing Noel") and to good will toward man ("Peace") as well as many other favorites. If you like choral music, it's a nice local cd and, if you live in Burbank, California, a nice way to support your community.

And by the way, contrary to certain opinion, it is possible to be a Liberal Catholic, with some doubts here and there. In fact, that's probably even healthy. Life is contradictory, not black and white. As with everything else, you get out of it what you put into it. Besides, religion is very personal and private (and should always be separated from state).

The Music:
Faith In Our Time - 100 Years of Music
St. Robert Bellarmine Music Ministry
Leo Marchildon - Music Director
Father Lawrence Signey - Beloved Pastor
(April 4, 1961 - March 10, 2007)

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