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For those of you already familiar with the series, you know Psychiatrist Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) used to hang out in the Bostonian bar at Cheers (of the hit show of the same name) and then moved back home to Seattle, Washington to star in his own radio program. Spin-offs can be annoyingly lame corporate marketing attempts, but this one was really superior. Great writing, great characters and great acting sell it all. You may see a few familiar "Cheers"faces too.

The basics: Crane bonds with his estranged father, Martin Crane (John Mahoney), and fussbudget little brother Niles (David Hyde Pierce). His assistant Roz Doyle (Peri Gilpin) offers lots of sassy comedic moments, along with Dan Butler's neurotically overcompensating Bulldog Briscoe. Crane hires a kooky housekeeper, Daphne Moon (Jane Leeves) from Manchester, England, who inspires Niles to a true romantic ideal. I won't go into details here as most people have seen the show. And if not, do Netflix it.

What I really want to know is - how, in eleven whole seasons, did Niles never waver for his love for Daphne? C'mon, do guys really pine away like that? Is it really possible - the whole torch-carrying thing? I'm sorry, I don't want to be bitter, but every time a guy breaks up with me, he immediately starts dating again and 80% of the time finds his true love. Right after me. So does that make me easy to get over or just really good practice? O.K. that sounded a little bitter. And maybe a bit off the subject. Didn't mean to, just trying to figure guys out. And I don't get asked out all that much. I know, go figure. In real life, you know how it is - the guys you like don't like you back or you don't like the ones that like you. The trick is in two people liking each other at the same time. And then liking each other for a while. What are the odds.

But I guess that's part of the show's appeal. It's idealized romance, or what you want to be true. The characters are silly and flawed and still manage to find happiness. Granted, after a long, long time. Kudos, though, to the writers for leading us to hope that it can happen for us too.

So we'll see.

The Cast:
Kelsey Grammer - (Frasier Crane)
David Hyde Pierce - (Niles Crane)
John Mahoney - (Martin Crane)
Jane Leeves - (Daphne Moon)
Peri Gilpin - (Roz Doyle)
Dan Butler - (Bulldog Briscoe)
Moose the Dog - (Eddie, the dog)

Series Directed by:
David Lee (41 episodes, 1993-2004)
Kelsey Grammer (38 episodes, 1996-2004)
Pamela Fryman (33 episodes, 1997-2001)
James Burrows (32 episodes, 1993-1997)
Sheldon Epps (22 episodes, 1998-2004)
Philip Charles MacKenzie (21 episodes, 1995-1996)
Jeffrey Melman (19 episodes, 1995-1998)
Katy Garretson (11 episodes, 1999-2004)
Scott Ellis (9 episodes, 2000-2004)
Andy Ackerman (8 episodes, 1993-1995)
Wil Shriner (8 episodes, 2000-2003)
Robert H. Egan (5 episodes, 1999-2001)
Jerry Zaks (4 episodes, 2002-2003)
Rick Beren (2 episodes, 1994)
Gordon Hunt (2 episodes, 1996-1997)
Cynthia Popp-Landsberger (2 episodes, 2002-2004)

Series Writing Credits:
David Angell (53 episodes, 1993-2002)
Peter Casey (53 episodes, 1993-2002)
Glen Charles (51 episodes, 1993-2002)
Les Charles (51 episodes, 1993-2002)
David Lee (51 episodes, 1993-2002)
Joe Keenan (24 episodes, 1994-2004)
Danita Jones (23 episodes, 2002-2003)
Lori Kirkland (19 episodes, 1998-2004)
Christopher Lloyd (18 episodes, 1993-2004)
Anne Flett-Giordano (17 episodes, 1993-1997)
Chuck Ranberg (16 episodes, 1993-1997)
David Lloyd (15 episodes, 1994-2001)
Bob Daily (15 episodes, 1999-2004)
Sam Johnson (15 episodes, 1999-2004)
Chris Marcil (15 episodes, 1999-2004)
Jon Sherman (15 episodes, 1999-2004)
Rob Hanning (14 episodes, 1997-2002)
Rob Greenberg (11 episodes, 1996-1999)
Jeffrey Richman (10 episodes, 1997-2004)
David Isaacs (9 episodes, 1994-2004)
Suzanne Martin (8 episodes, 1996-1998)
Jay Kogen (8 episodes, 1997-2000)
Eric Zicklin (8 episodes, 2000-2003)
Ken Levine (7 episodes, 1994-2004)
Linda Morris (7 episodes, 1994-1996)
Vic Rauseo (7 episodes, 1994-1996)
Dan O'Shannon (7 episodes, 1999-2002)
Saladin K. Patterson (7 episodes, 2000-2003)
Heide Perlman (7 episodes, 2001-2004)
Sy Dukane (5 episodes, 1993-1994)
Denise Moss (5 episodes, 1993-1994)
Steven Levitan (4 episodes, 1994-1996)
Mark Reisman (4 episodes, 1999-2001)
Patricia Breen (4 episodes, 2002-2004)
Michael B. Kaplan (3 episodes, 1996-1997)
Jack Burditt (3 episodes, 1996)
Janis Hirsch (3 episodes, 1998-1999)
Gayle Abrams (3 episodes, 2000-2002)
Leslie Eberhard (2 episodes, 1993)
Don Seigel (2 episodes, 1994-1995)
Elias Davis (2 episodes, 1995)
David Pollock (2 episodes, 1995)
Dan Cohen (2 episodes, 1996-1997)
F.J. Pratt (2 episodes, 1996-1997)
William Lucas Walker (2 episodes, 1997)
Charlie Hauck (2 episodes, 1999-2000)
Alex Gregory (2 episodes, 1999)
Peter Huyck (2 episodes, 1999)

Season One:
Frasier - The Complete First Season

Even Funnier:
Seinfeld - The Complete Series

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