Friendly Skies?

a kate west reflection

I'm sure everyone else agrees and that this issue has been talked about to death, but can I just say again that flying really sucks? Less and less leg room, more and more delays, longer and longer security lines and rude and harried staff. Talk about lousy customer service. They overbook to make money and then they lose your luggage? Is anyone old enough to remember when flying was a grand experience and people dressed up to make the journey, just like on a long ocean voyage? Those days are gone and no romantic travel is left, except maybe railway and that's just another commuter line. How did we let this happen? No business regulation? Airlines know we have to fly so they can pretty much treat us any way they want. Seems like we're pretty much trapped.

Although Virgin Atlantic now offers more space, plus a way to IM the cute guy in Row D. At least that way, you're distracted from everything else that's such a pain. Seems the coolest way to go. If you have to go at all, I suppose.

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