An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth
a kate west reflection

If you haven't seen former Vice President Al Gore's movie by now, God help you when you're baking in the record-breaking heat each summer and freezing in unprecedented colder and colder winters. Our dependency on domestic and foreign oil will be our undoing as America consistently fails to be the environmental leader we know we should be. Other nations have adopted "green" standards and as the wealthiest superpower, we should have done so as well, a long time ago. Solar and wind power are only two options. More hybrid cars, more fuel alternatives - these are all no-brainers! To have to fight against corporate lobbyists who deny their countrymen the freedom to help the planet is criminal. Yes, global warming is real. The rest of the world is already well aware of it.

The movie is in documentary style, with charts and graphs and lectures by Al Gore and a team of scientists and it's all fascinating. And important. Hopefully, most of us already know most of this already - melting glaciers, disappearing species, more droughts, fires, heat waves, hurricanes and all kinds of other natural disasters coming our way. It's not too late to help the next generation though. Start today.

For more info, catch "The Green" on the Sundance Channel ( and "Planet Earth" on the Discovery Channel (

Listen to Al Gore - this time he really knows what he's talking about. You know that this, along with universal health care, will be the main political issues next election, right?

Directed by

Davis Guggenheim

Produced by
Lawrence Bender .... producer
Scott Z. Burns .... producer
Lesley Chilcott .... co-producer
Lesley Chilcott .... line producer
Davis Guggenheim .... executive producer
Jeffrey D. Ivers .... executive producer (as Jeff Ivers)
Laurie Lennard .... producer (as Laurie David)
Jeff Skoll .... executive producer
Ricky Strauss .... executive producer
Diane Weyermann .... executive producer

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