Jonathan Shue - In The Valley of Heart's Delight

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Local San Francisco artist Jonathan Shue knows his way around a guitar. And some compelling lyrics. With the album "In The Valley of Heart's Delight", he serenades us on relationship woes (to name one recurring theme), spun to lovely strumming on his guitar (and the occasional harmonica).

The songs here are definitely universally relatable and pretty enough to keep you listening. "Honesty Gets Me In Trouble" in particular, captures an amusing take on why some guys can't help saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. "Ballad of Rene Vallaincourt" adds some western mystique, with a tang of tolerable country. Echoes of folk music drift in and out of some of his work too, in the nicest way possible.

The best piece, however, is the softly subtle "Bartholomew", about the musings of a dreamer. Because it is so brimming with visual possibilities, Shue commissioned a local production company Two Plush Two (who also know their way around a good story), to showcase one of their adorably popular videos featuring "Bartholomew" (separate review here). The resulting collaboration is sweetly wistful and perfectly executed. Catch the magic below. And remember to pass on the good feelings!

1. Honesty Gets Me In Trouble
2. Chasing Hurricanes
3. Cryin For That Kiss
4. Bartholomew
5. Orangecoat
6. Ballad of Rene Vallaincourt

To see true artistry at it's synergetic best, watch the new video by Two Plush Two Productions below:


This one is for the dreamers: 

All songs written by Jonathan Shue, Mike Schadell - drums, Jonathan Shue - vocals, rhythm & lead guitar, bass.

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