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Wolves never had it easy. Although Wolves are considered endangered and protected in most of America (at least in 48 states anyway), Gray Wolves (sometimes called Timber Wolves and the largest member of the Canine Family) are still hunted down in places like Alaska. There is some light at the end of the tunnel however, due to reintroduction strategies like bringing wolves back to Yellowstone Park.

The bad rap comes mostly from the rich folklore and mythology throughout the ages. Usually cast as the villain, the insatiably bloodthirsty wolf menaces little girls and defenceless women. In reality, however, wolves very rarely attack humans and in fact have a complex and strict social order to keep them in check. They are strongly loyal family members and are quite intelligent. True, they hunt in packs, which can seem fearfully intimidating, but it is this discipline which helps them survive and maintain order.

So instead of reviling them, we should show more respect and honor to these noble beasts. Any wild animal is dangerous, of course, so admire them from a distance please.

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