The Inheritance

The Inheritance
a kate west favorite

"The Inheritance" is an odd little piece of artistry filmed on good old-fashioned Super 8. Silent, subtitled and with a dramatic Prokofiev score, it doesn't seem like the type of thing that would capture mainstream hearts, but it gets under your skin and won't leave. It's weirdly brilliant, darkly different and quite riveting. Ariel Gregory is the director, writer and creator and his sensitive perception of adventure and story is wonderfully stark and clear.

Basically, a Pirate Captain hands over a black inheritance to a hapless wench. The imagery in between all that is eerie and fantastic and well worth several viewings. A kind of bizarre insanity. In order not to give away any more, you'll just have to see for yourself. Don't worry, there'll be enough blood for everyone.

Directed by
Ariel Gregory

Written by
Josh Cutler
Britt Juchem
Ariel Gregory
Rachel Thorne

Pirate Captain - Ariel Gregory
Waitress - Cera Impala
Pumpkin King - Casey James

More info on the artist:
Ariel Gregory Graphic Design

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