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Four seasons into it, Dr. Gregory House is still a curmudgeonly misanthrope. Making his way through life with biting sarcasm, he successfully holds everyone at bay and no one can get in. Surprisingly un-nurturing for a an instructor in a teaching hospital, he has three minds to mold: surly Dr. Foreman (Omar Epps), sexy Aussie Dr. Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Barbie doll Dr. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison). Trying vainly to guide him and make him behave are his best friend Dr. Wilson (sweet Robert Sean Leonard) and his saucy nemesis Dr. Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). Hugh Laurie is really good in this role, and he's not even American in real life (he's British), go figure.

Every week it's the same plot: someone comes in with an inexplicable illness, they make it better, then the patient gets worse again until they figure out it's something else entirely. Then Dr. House steps in to save the day. He is always right and always brilliant and we never get tired of it. Wonder how long he'll be able to get away with the tortured genius routine.

House Cast and Crew:
Hugh Laurie - (Dr. Gregory House)
Lisa Edelstein - (Dr. Lisa Cuddy)
Omar Epps - (Dr. Taylor Foreman)
Robert Sean Leonard - (Dr. James Wilson)
Jennifer Morrison - (Dr. Allison Cameron)
Jesse Spencer - (Dr. Robert Chase)

Production Credits:
Amy Lippens (Casting)
Newton Thomas Sigel (Cinematographer)
Todd London (Co-producer)
Christopher Hoag (Composer Music Score)
David Shore (Director)
Elliot Graham (Editor)
Ray Daniels (Editor)
Daria Ellerman (Editor)
Katie Jacobs (Executive Producer)
Bryan Singer (Executive Producer)
David Shore (Executive Producer)
Paul Attanasio (Executive Producer)
Gerrit Van Der Meer (Producer)
Mark Hutman (Production Designer)
David Shore (Screenwriter)
David Shore (Singer)
Jim Lima (Visual Effects Supervisor)

First Season:
House, M.D. - Season One

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