a kate west reflection

I have Latina hair. Meaning it's thick and curly, yeah I know, lucky me, right, but ALSO very susceptible to frizz. It's a dumb thing to complain about, especially in this day and age, and of course people with straight hair want curly, and people with curly want straight, blah, blah, blah. But what people with straight hair don't understand is that the price of curly hair is FRIZZ. There is nothing simple you can do about it either, so I resort to lots and lots of Frizz Ease gel and to wearing my hair in a ponytail and hat for several hours after I wash it. We'd all like to look like we just stepped out of a salon, but either we rush home and fix it back to the way we like it or we don't wash our hair for days, trying to keep it professional. We're never happy. But it is just hair, after all, and not Hurricane Katrina. Still it's nice to find someone who really understands curly hair.

Speaking of salons, Sweet 9 on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles offers pretty reasonable rates on haircuts and manicures, plus they have a day spa and a tearoom. It's eclectic design and very mod cozy. So if your hair is driving you crazy at least you'll have a fun place to escape to. Visit them the next time you're in the area. Need something to read there? Check out Latina Magazine, a hot and trendy look at being a modern Latina. Fun recipes, musical artists, dating advice, inspirational stories and more. Latina chica style, of course. And for some Food Network Hispanic chica insights, watch sassy Miami foodie Ingrid Hoffmann on "Simply Delicioso" ( We are a minority fast becoming a majority in Los Angeles, so you may want to brush up on the cultura.

And with those plugs, now you can be thankful that if all you have to worry about is hair, you're probably in a pretty good place. I know, it's Los Angeles, we are all fashion conscious here from time to time and we'd all like to be skinny flappers from the twenties. If wishes were horses. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sweet 9 info at
or look them up on My Space.

Oh and try the Chantell Boutique at 7309 Melrose. Cutest little outfits for a non-Melrose price. Store owner Ashley also sells across the street at Paper Doll. She's a doll herself.

(Celebrities spotted here: Adam Sandler, Mya, Gwen Stefani and Lindsay Lohan).

Latina Magazine

(Julie Andrews being a fashionable flapper in "Thoroughly Modern Millie")

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