Puppet Up

Puppet Up
a kate west recommendation
at Avalon Hollywood
1735 N Vine St., Hollywood , CA 90028
Saturday, September 29nd & Saturday, October 20th
8:00 PM (doors open 7:00 PM)
contact www.puppetup.com or www.avalonhollywood.com
(Pictured: Patrick Bristow, Brian Henson and Friends)

The Jim Henson Company has been entertaining audiences, adult and children alike, for about fifty years now. Not one to rest on his laurels, Brian Henson (son of the late Jim Henson), has moved on from his internationally popular muppets (currently the property of the Walt Disney Company). His newest creation, "Puppet Up", combines live performers with puppets in a completely innovative way. You won't see familiar characters from "The Muppet Show", but you will see a lot of fun brand new characters like talking hot dogs. It must indeed be seen to be believed.

Professionally trained puppeteers work their magic live on stage, based on audience suggestions. It's improv, with puppets. Audiences can watch the behind-the-scenes mechanics as the actors manipulate the puppets and then glance over at the monitors to see the puppets in action. Patrick Bristow (of "Ellen", "Show Girls" and main company Groundlings fame) is their suave and fearless leader, deftly directing the action, and sassing the audience into giving good improvisational fodder. It's billed as adult fare, since one cannot control the nature of improv and who knows, you may even be lucky enough to see these adorable puppets go blue. A cute, furry, little puppy dog swearing like a sailor? Delightfully delicious. But leave the kids at home.

The troupe is smart, talented, quick-witted and highly entertaining. Each show is definitely a must-see. But hurry, they sell out fast!

The Company:
BRIAN HENSON (Executive Producer, Performer)
PATRICK BRISTOW (Stage Show Director/Host)
Julianne Buescher (Performer)
Tyler Bunch (Performer)
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Performer)
Ted Michaels (Performer)
Drew Massey (Performer)
Paul Rugg (Performer)
Allan Trautman (Performer)
Victor Yerrid (Performer)

For Nostalgia Purposes:
The Muppet Show - Season One (Special Edition)

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